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Mission: Concentration

When you are focused, you work well, you listen well... you can do anything! But when your mind wanders, it's a bit more complicated. Fortunately, concentration is a muscle that you can work on.

What is concentration?

Basically, concentration is the ability to focus all your attention on one thing. You become very calm and your memory works at full speed, whether it is to store new information or to retrieve the information you need. Concentration is very important at school (it makes it easier for you to learn and follow instructions), but it is also very useful when you are doing sports, music or art. It helps you to be well organized, to remember things and to relate well to others. There are many enemies to your concentration, including: hunger and thirst, fatigue, noise, screens and stress.

To build up your concentration

Concentration is not automatic. When the time comes, you have to make the effort to give your full attention to one activity and put the rest aside. But if you practice, you'll see, it will get easier and easier! Here are some exercises and activities to try:

  • Look at an object or a face for 30 seconds. Then close your eyes and try to picture it as clearly as possible in your head.

  • Turn down the radio or your favourite song and try to listen to it until you don't hear anything.

  • Dance classes also require you to rack your brains to learn the steps and choreography.

  • Some yoga poses such as the child, butterfly and tree help you to concentrate.

  • Reading and writing train you to stay focused without even realizing it!

To stay attentive in class

Participate by asking questions or raising your hand in response to your teacher's questions. There are many gadgets to keep your hands busy while you listen in class, but you can also simply hold a pen or other object from your pencil case. You can also draw or scribble on a piece of paper while listening to your teacher.

The ultimate trick: sleep

It's important to get a good night's sleep and, most importantly, enough sleep. Even if you follow all our tips for better concentration, if you don't get enough sleep, it won't help at all!

To be more focused at homework time:

  • Drink plenty of water and, if you're hungry, eat a small snack.

  • Avoid TV or video games.

  • Slowly follow an infinity symbol with your eyes.

  • Breathe deeply for several minutes.

  • Massage your temples.

  • Or create foil art masterpieces or magical patterned velvets a few minutes before you start:


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