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The trees and plants fill my room with a lovely natural fragrance. I enjoy every season. I love to see the buds turn into leaves… and then watch those change colors and fall to the ground. Seeing this circle of life is so soothing to me. 


Elana is my precious little pet and she's always with me. I can always count on her and she can count on me. I love taking care of her and doing everything she needs. I feed her, brush her, and cuddle with her. Then she purrs contentedly.



I often go for walks in the forest to relax and breathe the fresh air. I also look for pretty pieces of wood that I can use to make statuettes. I love carving this wood and sculpting flowers, figurines or sayings into it.


My parents taught me how to love what I have and who I am. Thanks to their good advice, I can be totally happy for others without comparing myself to them. My friends are all kind, pretty and talented… I'm proud of them.



My body needs lots of vegetables to be in the best shape. I love eating fruit, vegetables and nuts, just like the little animals that live in my beloved forest. Eating well energizes me and makes me happy!


I love hugging the trees that I find when I'm walking in the forest. When I put my arms around their powerful trunks, I feel their energy flowing into my body. Their calm strength always does me a lot of good.


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