Although I live in a cosmic cloud with all my friends, I really do enjoy my colorful bedroom. Everything that surrounds me is filled with the colors of the northen lights. I even have my own rainbow-slide to step outside! You should come and see!

Play a lively song and let your arms and legs go. The music will guide your body. Close your eyes and follow the rhythm of the music. Dance for yourself, dance for the fun of it. Dance to be happy!

When I go to bed at night, I spend time thinking about the highlights of my day. I use the opportunity to say thank you. It means I fall asleep with a smile on my face and I have sweet dreams.

I like to write my thoughts in my little notebook. I write about my joy and my sadness, my doubts and my most secret wishes. Sometimes, I make up stories where crazy things happen. I bring characters to life, I write songs or little poems. I take my little notebook everywhere with me.

Creating makes me so happy.

When I paint, when I write, when I compose, the time flies by.

I like to let my imagination guide me. I like creating new universes. I like expressing who I am and sharing it with all my friends.

My dearest friend Aura is one of a kind. When I’m around her, I feel deeply connected, I feel calm and grounded. It’s her magic touch! She is full of light, full of Love, full of life. What a good friend to hang with! 







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