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I live in the heart of a vast cosmic cloud where the twinkling stars illuminate the sky. A myriad of big and little planets and their moons completes this enchanting setting. A fluorescent moonflower garden surrounds my beautiful home.


My little Louna loves to chat. She settles on my forearm, leans her head to each side, looking at me with her big kind eyes. Although she is very talkative and cheerful, she knows how to listen and understands my sorrows and my joys. I'm so lucky to have her in my life!



I like to spend time contemplating the beautiful sky around me. The clouds, the constellations, the movement of the planets make me dream. I like to imagine shapes and stories that I then reproduce on paper. Beauty is everywhere, you just need to look properly.


I love my family lots. Even when we are far apart, a powerful bond unites us. We share beautiful memories and I know that we will always help each other. Love travels easily in our starry world.



I like to curl up in bed and let peaceful, restful sleep come over me. Sleeping well allows me to recharge my batteries and be in great shape every morning. I avoid all distractions, lights and noises that could disturb my precious rest.


I train my mind to stay open to others. Every day, I try to learn new things. I read books, listen to new music, discover new games. My curiosity is endless... as vast as my galaxy!


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