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I live high up in the nebula, on top of a stellar sand dune. Up there, the sky is always multi-colored. My pretty sandcastle-style house, which I share with my parents and my twin brother, is made of pink matter. Whenever it is illuminated by a shining star, it sparkles with a thousand lights, like a precious gem.


My animoulous companion is named Astria and her favorite game is hide and seek. Whirling around, she loves to dig holes in the dunes of the cosmos, hide in them, and then make me jump! Her purpose in life is to make me smile. Astria loves to tumble and summersault all over the place. True to each other, our friendship is indestructible.



I love learning about the past and our origins, so I find  archeology fascinating! I collect nebulites, beautiful gems that are actually fragments of ancient stars. I can spend whole days looking for new ones throughout the nebula. I have fun creating cute vivariums using nebulites and cosmic sand.


I love life so much that I practice gratitude often. I realize that I’m very lucky to be in perfect health and to have such a great family and so many friends. Since life has spoiled me, I try to focus on the positive and share my energy with those in need.



Being very athletic, I love to move! I’ve been surfing the cosmic dunes since I was little. I move so fast on my board that people call me “the shooting star." To stay as physically fit as possible, I also pay attention to what I eat. I make sure that I’m fuelled up to enjoy each day.


For me, it's all about balance: I eat well, sleep well, and above all, move a lot! When I feel out of balance, I calm my mind by touching my precious nebulites. When I hold them in my hands, I can transmit my energy to them. If I give one to a friend afterwards, I can share my energy with them.


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