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Even inside my starry constellation I love being surrounded by nature. I relax and center myself in this clearing where the flower-filled trees form a dome. I play with the funny little creatures that live in this mystical forest. We are surrounded by beauty; you just have to look around you!


Paloma can climb, run and even fly. She is so energetic and positive. Everything seems possible with her. I feel great when I spend time with her. She helps me see the good side of every situation! I adore her!



When I go to my room after a long day I like to relax by drawing. Coloring in pretty mandalas or drawing landscapes make me feel better. The calm and beauty of the colors fill my heart with joy.


I like to be surrounded by my precious friends. I try not to let little disputes affect our important relationships. I play and laugh with my friends and they teach me so much. Stars that unite form constellations.



Go play outside whenever you can! Be like my friend Paloma: run, jump, swim and play! Your games will come to life and your eyes will sparkle!


When I like a song I can listen to it dozens of times. I like pretending to be a singer, creating choreographies and learning all the lyrics. Music makes me so happy!


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