Stretching always has so many benefits. Whether it is before or after physical exercise, when you wake up or after sitting still for a while, these easy movements help loosen and re-oxygenate our little stellar bodies! Follow my friend Octavia's lead!

I live in the sky like all the other stars… but I like to be surrounded by the beauties of the ocean. I love sleeping in this lovely big shell. Aquatic plants and animals decorate my universe. Watching them is so calming and makes me dream! You should always believe in your dreams.



My little Octavia is one of the funniest creature that I know. With it’s eight legs, she likes to tickle me and I can’t  stop laughing. Laugh is a very important thing in life. In fact, It’s an everyday essential!


Whenever I see a little star that is struggling to shine because it is sad or lonely, I go see it. I like helping others feel better. It makes me feel better too. Love is infinite and does so much good, why go without it?


I was singing before I could even speak. I have a sensitive and sharp ear so I can hear the notes that float through the air. I like to be alone in nature so I can sing aloud. But my favorite thing is combining my voice with those of my friends when we sing a song we like together.



When I am troubled, when my thoughts whirl around and bombard me, I take a few minutes to meditate.


Sometimes I play some gentle music and others I just listen to my own breathing. The most important thing is to focus on my body and my immediate surroundings for a while. Then, I am calmer and ready for action!

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