I love to get in the water and gently move around. I forget all my worries when I'm swimming.


Water soothes me and exercise helps me destress.

The walls in my room are decorated with colorful corals. We need to protect these fabulous living organisms, so it's best not to touch them. I'm so happy that I get to look at them every day.



My little Lyria can sometimes feel really anxious when she meets new people. At these times, even though she's so funny and happy, she disappears deep in her shell. I've learned to respect her rhythm. When she feels comfortable, she'll come play with us. 

Nothing makes me happier than helping someone. That's why I like to do volunteer work and do things for other people.


The smiles and thank-yous I get in exchange are the best reward. I love making people happy!

I love making pretty jewelry that's inspired by the incredible corals all around me. Nature is so creative and perfect! I make necklaces and bracelets in tons of colors… then I give them to my friends. It's such a fun and relaxing activity.


When I really want something to happen, I visualize it.


I really concentrate and picture myself being successful in the future. The images that come to mind are always positive and help me achieve my goals.




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