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Just like my friend Isadora, I come from an icy world. I love the bright light that reflects on the snow and the clearness of the ice. The cold stimulates me and gives me energy. In my bedroom, everything is neat. My environment is calm and pure… like ice.


I was lucky to meet my friend Blizzia when I was very little. And now I can’t be without her. She is overflowing with energy and intelligence. I love to pet her, but most of all I love to watch her burst open her ice feathers which sparkle in the sun.



At the beginning of every year, I create a vision board. I choose pictures from old magazines or I cut up old photos and I glue them to my board. Around each picture I write inspiring messages and then I hang it up in my bedroom.


I love showing others how much they mean to me. I’m always making drawings and crafts for my parents, my teachers, and my friends. I think about them while I’m creating and then I get a great sense of joy when I give them these gifts and see their smiles.



I come from a world of cold and ice where I enjoy outdoor activities in every season. My favorite activities are ice skating and skiing because I love to feel the cold against my face and to experience the pureness of the snow.


In my bedroom I keep a jar of positive thoughts: when someone tells me something beautiful or nice, I write it on a little piece of paper and place it inside this precious container. Then, whenever I have pain or doubts, I can read through my comforting messages.


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