Follow Stella’s positions to energize your body and relax your mind. Keep each position for 10 sec. Do this every day plus each time you need some positive cosmic energy!

You are beautiful and unique just like every star in the sky. There’s no one else like you in the whole universe and this is what makes you so amazing.


Always love yourself and never stop shining like a star!

Stella is my best friend; she’s adorable and magical! With her, anything is possible. She encourages me to never give up!

She’s so cute! It’s a stellar friendship!






Breathing is very important for me. Sit and relax with me. Take a long deep breath then let go. Do this if you feel stressed or anxious about anything. It’ll help you find solutions to your problems.

My home is located in the heart of a large cosmic cloud where stars are shining all day long.Water, vegetation and all creatures reflect the magnificence of the colorful starry sky. Come and visit it in your next dream! Just believe. Ask for anything before you sleep! The Universe is always listening to you!


I love how my long galactic hair lets me express myself. Feel free to be unique and create your own style. And don’t forget, it's only with practice that you’ll succeed! 

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