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Nebulia and the Mysterious Shooting Star


When she sees a shooting star in distress, Nebulia decides to go after it, hoping to guide it toward the star nursery where her father works. But things don’t go as planned! With her girlfriends, Nebulia will travel throughout the silvery Nebula in search of her star, as well as her strength and power, in a magical world where bad vibes can create threatening black holes... Will Nebulia finally figure out her role in the Nebula? Will she make it home before dark? And will she find the courage to tell her parents the truth about her dangerous escapade?


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Marinia and the heart of fire


Every year, a big competition is organized at the Energies Academy of Nebulopolis. Marinia and her friends, who wish to take part in the event, must work in teams and use their ingenuity to create a useful invention out of a mixture of auras. But the competition gets tough between the participants and the pressure becomes too much for Marinia. Fortunately, she meets a larger-than-life partner! Will she be able to calm her fears and trust in her abilities? Do you really have to finish first to feel like a winner?

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Hazelia and the Enchanted Tree House


During a sleepover at Hazelia’s, an orange stellar storm hits the silvery Nebula and destroys part of the tree house where the girls had planned to spend the night. The next day, after an animoulous gets injured trying to climb up there, Hazelia’s parents decide to tear down the tree house as it isn’t safe anymore. Hazelia is devastated because the tree house was built by her grandfather, who has passed away. But her father, who studies the wind for a living, is more concerned by what could have caused such an angry wind. Will the girls be able to work together to save their special place? And will Hazelia’s father solve the mystery of the unusual storm?

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