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Creative Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

A child’s bedroom is like their cocoon, their personal hideaway. As such, it’s important for the room to reflect the child’s individual style as much as possible. Learn five creative tips for decorating kids’ rooms with their own artwork.

By Annie Turcotte

Hanging art

From mobiles to pretty lanterns, your kids’ creations can be hung to brighten up their bedrooms. Lanterns made out of beautiful paper with various designs can add a light personalized touch to a small room. Mobiles are dreamy just to look at, and making them offers infinite possibilities. They can be built from items your child likes, whether that’s butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, or snowflakes. Making it will require some help from you, of course. But when your little one watches it, they’ll associate it with a wonderful memory you made together.

Window decorations

You can transform your child’s bedroom window into a real work of art. They can draw on it directly with special pencils, or stick on window charms that look like stained glass. You can also help your youngster create their own dream catcher. As a bonus, this type of decoration helps them rest assured that their sleep won’t be disturbed by nightmares.

Framed art

Even a very young child’s drawings and paintings can add a personal touch to a bedroom. Showcase them in a special way to style it just right. Some companies offer custom framing and laminating services. You can also do it yourself, with a nice frame featuring colors that coordinate with the room.

DIY desk decor

Terrariums—tiny gardens enclosed in clear containers—are becoming increasingly popular. What’s more, they’re really fun to make. Displayed on a desk or hung, they’re simply magnificent to look at. And they’re perfectly suited to the person who made them. Pebbles or shells painted by the child to match their room colors can also make very nice paperweights.

Personalized string decorations

String decorations are very popular, especially among preteens. They can be strung directly on a bedroom wall or across a window. They can include pretty pieces of origami, or your youngster might choose to hang pictures of their friends or recent trips, or even their favorite drawings. String lights are common, and others have little clips or ornaments. Children can also create them from scratch with different colored strings and clips. As a bonus, this piece can be changed up whenever they want.


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