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How to Create a Good Homework Space

During the daily grind, homework can quickly become a source of family tension, underlining the importance of setting up a welcoming space for your children to work. Here are some ideas and advice to see the project through.

Like us, children need a quiet place to concentrate, especially after a day at school. Before jumping into setting up a desk, it’s best to evaluate our children’s needs and reflect on an ideal location. Does homework time require your supervision? Can you convert a room to give your child her own work space? Can you add a desk to her bedroom? A large closet or wardrobe can also hide a nice desk when arranged with care. It’s important to choose a quiet area that you can organize and personalize to your tastes.


Comfort is essential

Even if your kid hates going to the store, she should be with you when you’re choosing furniture. Here are three things to consider when shopping:

  • The desk: Choose a desk or table that comes to your child’s waist when standing. If you aren’t planning to install additional storage, choose something with drawers.

  • The chair: Choose a comfortable model that offers good support and is height-adjustable. When seated, your child’s feet should be able to touch the floor.

  • Lighting: Get a flexible accent lamp that allows you to adjust its focus. Install it opposite whichever hand is used for writing.


Organization 101

To help your child work efficiently, arrange the space in an orderly fashion. Each item should have a designated space, while remaining within reach. Gather pencils in a pretty container that she decorated herself (get out the Washi tape and glitter!). Get a bulletin board and install a shelf where she can put her schoolbooks. Organize her papers with the help of file or plastic folders in different colors. Sticky notes, pencil sharpeners, scissors and other school supplies can be organized in a drawer or decorative box, along with other craft items.

A personalized space

To get your child interested in her future homework area, take time to ask about her preferences. Would she like a particular color? How would she like to decorate? To make her homework area unique and appealing, place some of her favorite photos under a sheet of glass or plastic on her work table. Encourage her to make a mood board by placing inspiring images and quotes on a large piece of cardboard. She’ll be able to look at them when motivation is low. You can also find a variety of inspiring quotes on the Nebulous Stars Instagram account. With a nice, inviting space, we bet that homework time will become a fun part of your routine...or as fun as it can be!


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