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I live in an area of the forest where all the plants and animals magically light up at night and display beautiful neon colors. In my room, nestled in the hollow of a giant cosmic mushroom, garlands as thin as silk threads sparkle brightly.


Lumina loves to swirl around me! She is always by my side, a bit like a guardian angel. She helps me see both sides of every situation and weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. We talk a lot together and we tell each other everything!



I love making up characters and stories. I love to become someone else and act it out! I have been creating plays for my parents and friends since I was little.


My parents taught me to put myself in other people's shoes, to better understand what they are going through. This is an exercise that I do often. I try to understand what they are feeling and the impact of my actions on others.



I'm always full of energy, sometimes a little too much! It's hard for me to stand still. To burn off my energy, I play a lot of team ball games! Sometimes, to help me think, I walk in circles!


I like to understand how things are done. It fascinates me! I often take things apart to see how they work. I love making things up. I'm always tinkering with something.


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