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My home is located in the heart of an immense precious stone, carved out over the centuries by the shooting stars that have struck it. It's at the center of the Crystal Cave, where the magnificent crystals reflect the the suns' rays in all directions, creating rainbows of light.


My little Agatha is a real bundle of affection! A bit of an introvert like me, she loves to settle into the crook of my neck to keep herself warm, even though she has a wonderfully fluffy coat! She loves to create multicoloured beams by passing light through the pompom on her crystal tail!



I express my creativity through words. But I don't write poems, I write jokes! I don't take life too seriously, and I love being able to make people laugh. What's more, laughter has all sorts of powers! 


I'm a bit shy, and so I like to get to know someone before I open up to them. But once you've earned my trust, it's forever! I'm super loyal to my friends!



It may seem surprising, but when I need to let off steam, I play the drums! I love rock music! I feel the vibration of the drums throughout my body. It gives me a huge dose of energy every time!


I always have a book in my hands! As much as I love the power of words to make people laugh, I also love how words allow me to escape into fantastic worlds, or to learn new things.


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