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EN_Nebulous Stars_Nebulia and the myster

Nebulia and the Mysterious Shooting Star


When she sees a shooting star in distress, Nebulia decides to go after it, hoping to guide it toward the star nursery where her father works. But things don’t go as planned! With her girlfriends, Nebulia will travel throughout the silvery Nebula in search of her star, as well as her strength and power, in a magical world where bad vibes can create threatening black holes... Will Nebulia finally figure out her role in the Nebula? Will she make it home before dark? And will she find the courage to tell her parents the truth about her dangerous escapade?

Nebulous stars9743.png

Marinia and the heart of fire


Every year, a big competition is organized at the Energies Academy of Nebulopolis. Marinia and her friends, who wish to take part in the event, must work in teams and use their ingenuity to create a useful invention out of a mixture of auras. But the competition gets tough between the participants and the pressure becomes too much for Marinia. Fortunately, she meets a larger-than-life partner! Will she be able to calm her fears and trust in her abilities? Do you really have to finish first to feel like a winner?

marinia sur cheval colo p1.png
EN_Nebulous stars_Marina and the heart o

Hazelia and the Enchanted Tree House


During a sleepover at Hazelia’s, an orange stellar storm hits the silvery Nebula and destroys part of the tree house where the girls had planned to spend the night. The next day, after an animoulous gets injured trying to climb up there, Hazelia’s parents decide to tear down the tree house as it isn’t safe anymore. Hazelia is devastated because the tree house was built by her grandfather, who has passed away. But her father, who studies the wind for a living, is more concerned by what could have caused such an angry wind. Will the girls be able to work together to save their special place? And will Hazelia’s father solve the mystery of the unusual storm?

EN_Nebulous Stars_Hazelia and the enchan

Iceana and the Missing Blue Flowers


Iceana and her parents live in the cold region of the nebula. They are the guardians of a very special orchard where stellar plums are transformed into precious nectar, essential for the survival of magic in the nebula. One morning, Iceana realizes that several blue flowers have disappeared from the trees! The family panics, because the crops are threatened. Strangely, during her investigation, all the clues point to one of her best friends... Is she really guilty? Why would she have endangered the well-being of the inhabitants? Will Iceana be able to solve the mystery before all the flowers disappear?

Nebulous Stars_Iceana_3D_EN.png
Nebulous Stars_Iceana_3D_EN.png

Orelia and

the Glowing Race


In the middle of the night, an alarm wakes up all the Silver Nebula residents. Older people quickly understand that this alert comes from the star nursery. Every hundred years, the energy must be renewed there thanks to a core of cosmic fire. Orelia, who has just moved into the nebula, is chosen on the team that will have to recover this luminous core from the depths of the Rainbow Reef and transport it to the nursery. Will the new friend of the gang, a true athlete, be able to take up the challenge and thus save the future of thousands of little stars to come?


Petulia and

the lost feraliaz


In preparation for an important flying polo tournament, Petulia is meeting her friends at the Flower Garden to practice. This sport is practiced on the back of
feraliaz, majestic horse-like beasts with wings. But Lilyaz, Petulia's feraliaz, is now
here to be found. With her friends, she sets out to find her. But jealousy between the girls, scary bugs and a mysterious pink wind get in the way. Will Petulia make it through all the trials and tribulations that stand in her way? Will the girls manage to find find the distressed Feraliaz?


isadora and the spell of colors


Isadora and her friends are thrilled to be taking part in a school trip to a protected area of the Frozen Lands. The goal of the expedition? To observe the northern lights and study the thousand-year-old glaciers. The adventure is quickly disrupted by the discovery of a mysterious chest in a frozen wall. The simple fact of opening it causes a catastrophe: the chest absorbs all the colours the colors of the surroundings! Will the girls manage to quickly find a way to reverse the curse of the chest and limit the damage?


Nebulous Stars:
the ultimate book


All the secrets of the wonderful universe of Nebulous Stars are finally revealed to you! There, the inhabitants of the Silver Nebula have only one goal: to make stars. But who are they? And how do they do it? Throughout the pages, you will discover a world full of fantastic creatures and surprising magical forces!


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