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5 Tips to Enhance Kids’ Reading Skills

It’s been proven that low reading levels in the early school years are one of the main risk factors for dropping out of school. Every parent wants to ensure their child’s success. Here are some tips to stimulate their interest in reading.

By Annie Turcotte

Encourage exploration of written works

Visiting your local library on a regular basis is a great low-cost way to introduce your child to a wide variety of written materials. It’s important to always stick to their reading level to avoid discouraging a young reader. They’re sure to enjoy choosing their own books from the appropriate section, especially if you take the time to look at them together and bring a few home with you. But words go beyond books. Help your child discover comics, magazines, and newspapers, too.

Show them the power of words

A child must understand the importance of words in order to have an interest in reading. To help your child grasp the power of reading, you can ask them to tell you which cereal is on sale this week when grocery shopping or looking at flyers. Or you can ask them to help you read the recipe for their favorite dessert. Let them tell you the amounts, and explain to them that if they don’t read the instructions correctly, the recipe won’t turn out. Whenever possible, play games with them that involve reading. Of course, remember to encourage them by taking plenty of opportunities to show them that they’re learning when they read.

Make reading a reward

Writer Joseph Addison taught us that “reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Give your child books, magazines, and time to read, whether for their birthday or as a reward for something you want to recognize. To encourage them to see reading in a positive light, you can promise things such as, “If you get dressed on time this morning, we’ll read a new story together tonight!” These magic moments shared between you will also help you monitor their progress as a young reader.

Dispel loneliness

Remember that written works can not only transport you to wonderful worlds through their stories, but they also are true gold mines for all sorts of learning. Lastly, always remember to tell your kids that with books, we’re never alone! This is a great reason to keep a fully-stocked bookshelf at home.


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